Jun Yoneda 

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan on May 5, 1963

Food's Style Co., CEO

Food's Style USA Inc. CEO

In 1986   Graduated from Waseda University with BA in Education                                   

In 1986   Started career at The Seibu Department Stores, Limited                                    

In 2003   Joined Rakuten, Inc. as the head of Rakuten Membership Program Division.                                    

In 2004   Appointed representative and overall chief of Rakuten Baseball Inc.

In 2012   Joined Plenty Co., Ltd. as executive officer of corporate development division

In 2013   Founded and assigned CEO of Plenty USA Inc. in Seattle, Washington.                                   

In 2016   Founded and assigned CEO of Food's Style Ltd. in Shinagawa, Tokyo                                                            


Food's Style is proud to deliver Japanese culture by providing quality food and service "omotenashi" to customers. 

We will be the catalyst for bringing Japanese hospitality to the global platform not only through our network but also by creating a systemic operation.

Our mission is to "make people healthy and happy through food!".

CEO Profile

Corporate Profile


Company Name      Food's Style USA Inc

Company Address  14827 NE 13th st.Bellevue. WA 98007    

Date Founded         April, 2013  

Representative       Jun Yoneda, CEO   

Capital                       USD1.10mm    

Contact Number       +1(425)223-5433    

Contact E-mail             info@foodsstyleusa.com


Santouka USA FC management   

Own brand development and management 

Hospitality business consultation    

History In 2013    Founded Plenty USA Inc. in Seattle, Washington

    In 2014    Opened the first Santouka USA FC, "Santouka Bellevue" in Bellevue, Washington

    In 2015    Opened the second Santouka USA FC, "Santouka Harvard Square" in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    In 2016    Opened the third Santouka USA FC, "Santouka Back Bay' in Boston, Massachusetts

    In 2016    Renamed Plenty USA Inc. to Food's Style USA Inc.

Group Plenty Co., Ltd.

    Food's Style Co., Ltd.